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Philippine Waterfall Mooring Winch Project

         We received the enquiry for the waterfall mooring winch in November 2016, It takes half year to confirm all the details and working conditions , Finally we gained the the customer’s trust , after the factory visited , we signed the contract . This is successful time for us all , we’ll supply the best quality products and service for our customer . 

         On March .2017 , the customer came to our factory to verify the workshop and processing of fabrication . we arranged all the things in advance , the customer was satisfied all the things here . We supplied the best scheme and confirmed all the details in the office , the customer was excited with the scheme , it was not only meet the need , but also save the cost , When he was back to Philippines , we got PO , we really appreciate to our customer . 

          It takes about two months to complete the waterfall mooring winches , then we invited the customer to verify the quality and testing of the winches .

He verified the entire processing of test , he tested the weights , the testing platform , he said , this is good to test the rated load capacity . after the testing , we took the picture .

            After we finished the winches , we shared the pictures with the customer and invite them to come China again , the customer said , you did the great job , please deliver it , we won’t go to check them . We really thanks for the customer’s trust .

               On May 2017 , the customer got the goods , they said , they will want to use the winches soon , when we heard this news , we arranged the technical guys and bought the air tickets immediately . When we arrived in Philippines , the customer was supervised , you are so fast . Then we talked and confirmed the installation plan , it takes just 3 days , we finished the installation and testing .

            The customer really appreciated our help , they said , thanks for the good product and good service for us , we will plan to establish a long business relation with you . We will also improve our service and fabricate the competitive products for all the customers that from all over the world .