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American European Bridge Crane Project

On 15th of April, 2019, I received an inquiry from this client via our marketing team. The client is looking for 2sets of overhead crane and steel structure for their new production line which located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The person I contact is engineer, after half month contacts, we finally provide a complete European crane solution with interlligent PLC control system and steel structures.

On the last workday before the May Day holiday, the QC Manager contacted me for the visit plan to our company, and he is in China already to inspect other machines for this new production line. Finally, we confirm the visit time on the first workday after holiday.

Then we start the preparation for client visit in very limited time:communicate with factory for factory visit details, book hotel&retaurant, prepare business documents and content we plan to discuss during meeting. Altough we have very limited time, but with the team support, we get well ready for this client visit!On 4th of May, we drived nearly 2hours to factory after picking up the client from ZhengzhouDong Railway Station. On the way to factory, we make a brief introduction for AIMIX GROUP and our main business. After visit our main girder workshop, hoist workshop, electric assemble workshop, delivery area, and the production introduction, client has a very deep impression for us, and confirm that we are the biggest supplier he has contacted for crane! Especially he saw the demo crane with PLC control system, this is exactly the function he need, and he took many video. I’m sure this demo helps our proposal a lot!

As client has only one day to stay with us, so we drive back to Zhengzhou after visit. And showed him around at our overseas department office. During introduction, I highlight our advantage for professional and team cooperation, we have shipping department, technical department, after-sales department, marketing department, data analysis department, 3D design department. A order is executed by a complete team, not just one person, and what we aim to provide complete machine solution for client, provide after-sales service for their long term use, not just a deal for a machine.

So our meeting was very successfully, our engineer made explanation for our solution and answer client’s questions. Client expressed his visit feeling directly, and confirmed that he will recommend us as top supplier for this order purchase.

Client gave us feedback after he return United States, and we kept contacting for crane configuration, payment terms, leading time etc.. finally we received PO from their procedurement department around the end of May.

But after submitting the proforma invoice, client side become silence for the whole June while I was in Africa for business trip. His feedback was that, June is the peak production season, their main fund and focus were on order production, new machine purchase will be deplayed to next month. But he confirmed that we are the only supplier for this crane order purchase, they had refused other suppliers contact.

In middle of July, after my follow up, the financial manager finally replied me, after submitting their order production time schedule. They confirmed the down payment will be processed within week, we get the order!

We started the busy production for this order: making 3D drawing for production confirmation, confirming PLC electric component details, following up the production process. Now the order has been finished production on 30th of September on time, as we both agreed on contact.

After checking the product detail pictures I sent to client, they are very satisfied and has started to arrange the balance payment. The order now is getting ready for shipment to United States.

The story between AICRANE and the American client is still to be told. Stay tuned!