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Kazakhstan Bridge Crane Project

From April 2017, the first inquiry from Kazakhstan customers to the bridge machine was received, and the customer received the advance payment in early December 2017. After more than half a year, the quality and service of Elson finally won the trust of the customers. . The customer has confirmed the order without visiting, which is a great recognition for us, and we will certainly live up to their expectations!

After receiving the customer's payment, we will arrange the production schedule of the equipment as soon as possible to ensure that the production work can proceed smoothly as planned. After a month or so of hard work by the workers, the equipment was completed on schedule. According to the agreement, we will send the pictures of the equipment that has finished painting to the customer and inform them to pay the final payment.

At the end of October 2017, we participated in the Almaty exhibition. Customers flew from the capital Astana to Almaty to meet us and talk about the details of the equipment. The picture below shows the customer's factory floor, where the new crane will work.

At the beginning of February 2018, the customer received the crane and was very satisfied with the products we provided.

The picture below is a photo of the installation, the customer is full of praise.